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Hell Is For Real

A while back there was a book, followed by a movie, called, Heaven is For Real. I don’t know much about either one of them, just that they featured a cute little boy who somehow went to heaven and back.
I imagine that he describes the amazing beauty and grandeur of heaven. I’m guessing that the whole supernatural experience changed his life.
Well, I have a similar tale to tell; but it’s not about heaven. It’s about hell.
Twice in the last year, God has shown me something else. He has made it crystal clear to me that hell is for real. These two experiences have been the most terrifying of my life.
I’m not going to describe them in detail for you. Frankly, they are too harrowing to recount.
I will say that the first time happened when I was just waking up. I viscerally and physically felt this demonic force dragging me down to the netherworld. It drained every source of energy from my body, and I felt myself succumbing until I finally summoned up the strength to beg God for help. As always, when we turn to him humbly, He is faithful.
The second time was just last night — actually in the middle of the night. That one is too fresh to go into at all. I’ll just say that after it was over, when I woke up breathless with my heart pounding in my chest, I realized that God had given me a taste of how absolutely horrifying is hell.
Now I am not sure why He has graced me with this information. I don’t know why He wants to make sure that I get it. But from these experiences I have learned that there are ghastly, eternal consequences for our behavior.
This culture doesn’t preach anymore about Judgment, heaven, and hell. There was a time (way back in the dark ages — that is, before the 1960s) when people believed in hell. They knew that the Devil was real. Folks weren’t as focused on this life but getting to the heavenly place after death.
To be an atheist was unheard of. I never even heard the word until I was all grown up and in California. But now it seems that many, if not most, people don’t think God exists.
Frankly, I think that this is the dumbest — and most dangerous — of all delusions. I mean, how in the world can anyone look around at the stars, at newborn babies and roses and mountains and not behold God Almighty? Although I came to be a Christian late in life, it never occurred to me to be an atheist.
But now it’s all the trend. Even worse than that, society has taken a light-hearted approach to the demonic. This denial of evil has to be one of the most horrendous outcomes of the 60s.
There’s even a television show called, Lucifer. Of course, you couldn’t pay me to watch it. But as I understand it, the Devil is portrayed as not evil, but misunderstood. How low this culture has descended that such a despicable television show is allowed to be aired.
As Voltaire said, the Devil’s greatest trick is convincing people that he doesn’t exist. Well, I am here to tell you that he does — and so does hell.
It may not be a consoling, feel-good message, like the adorable tyke in the Heaven is Real series. But it’s just as true.
Given that none of us get out of this life without being judged and going either up or down, now is a very good time. No, not a good time to turn on one of the perverse shows featured by the shameless media.
But it’s a great time to take stock of one’s life. As Pascal said in his ” Pascal’s Wager,” what if there is a God? And heaven? Hell? Wouldn’t it be smart to get one’s moral house — and faith in God — in order? Not tomorrow, but today?
Because from what I have learned, hell is such a terrorizing place, that you really and truly don’t want to be there for a moment — much less eternity. And no hook-up, marijuana joint, blasphemy towards God, or anything else is worth it.



Funny Girl.

Thursday, March 29, 2018


Frank Barone
My friend Ellen Stoever here on FB was sent AGAIN to FB jail, as have I many times. FB is out of control. The liberal worms that run this dump make me sick!! They mean to shut down every conservative voice out here! Here is Ellen's voice from banishment via email. She is a great American. This liberal censorship must stop! Fb
"Hi Frank,
Thanks for reaching out to me.
This idea of jailing us for speaking out minds has got to stop..I mean seriously...
I am Jewish, I am a Conservative & I am a Trump supporter & I am being targeted..they went back to 6/27/2017 to find a repost where whoever wrote the article called Obama names..I mean really.
Antisemites like Louis Farakahan call Jews the worst of names & never get censored..& there are hate groups on FB who target people for a variety of reasons so the idea of violating FB community standards is ridiculous...what community standards? What standards?
Okay..thanks for listening as I rant.
30 days is insane with no use of Messenger, No posts. No likes..this sux!!
See More
Helen Duran I know the drill! My husband said one word about the illegals and he was put in facebook jail for 30 days! Yes 30 days is insane with no use of Messenger, No posts. No likes..this sux!!" By the way, Mondo, my husband was born in Mexico and became a citizen and joined the Marines! I guess facebook hates Marines too!Manage

Frank Barone A Gunny....the backbone of the Marine Corps!! Thanks Mondo...many times I'm sorry I didn't stay in and make it a career. My wife and I have already decided that in our "next life time" we're going to be a Marine family stationed aboard an aircraft ...See More

Kathy Garrett I just got out of a 90 day ban. They went back four years ago and found things they now don't like. I did write to them and told them those OLD post were fine before what was change now.. could it be their trigger word TRUMP is president and not the old evil one.

Ronald Barbour Three days in FB jail for a picture I posted three years ago!
Denise Judd We need a conservative or at least first amendment embracing social media site.
Ronald Barbour Facebook is on a JIHAD against all us American Patriots: I recently was put in Facebook jail for a picture I posted of Michelle Obama with the Joan Rivers quotation on the picture that called her/him? a tyranny.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018


Our Leftist Media today.............
NBC: Nothing But Crap
CNN: Crap Not News
ABC: Always Broadcasting Crap
CBS: Crap Broadcasting System
CNBC: Crap Network Broadcasting Crap
MSNBC: More Stupid Newscasters Broadcasting Crap
E specially
S tupid
P rograming
NYT = News You Trash.



Saturday, March 24, 2018


To: Jane Long; All
Remind your husband the following. It was the Republican controlled House and the Republican controlled Senate that passed the Omnibus. Yet it’s some how it is all President Trump’s fault???
It did not matter that President Trump said it was a scam, it was out of control, the Swamp was holding him hostage, it was cutting off military funding during critical crisis with North Korea, China and Russia. It’s all just talk right?
It did not matter that President Trump pointed out the congress is trying to cut out border funding, veterans funding, old folks funding, medicare, medicaid or any of it.
Yeah it’s not the Republicans fault in the House or Senate for passing the bill with all the pork in it. It’s not the Democrats fault too it’s all President Trump’s fault right?
Yeah it does not matter if President Trump killed TPP in the first week in office, it does not matter if President Trump brought back 2 million jobs in 14 months, it does not matter if he brought back 300 Billion from overseas, it does not matter that we have 5 Trillion dollars in the Stock Market since President Trump has been elected, it doesn’t matter if China has huge tariffs on us and he started new tariffs on them yesterday. All that means nothing right now?
Yeah lets go with the sunshine patriots mob mentality of what feels good..., and that President Trump is a traitor. Yeah he’s a piece of crap and we should have elected Hillary right? Yeah the sunshine Patriots are right Hillary was good. Things like the Arab Spring that brought us ISIS. Bill Clinton and the Globalists, the de-industrialization of the United States, giving our missile secrets over to communist China.
Yeah forget President Trump for renegotiating NAFTA and GATT, securing the border breaking the back of political correctness, doing all the things that have had the media and the Globalists so upset. It does not matter. The sunshine patriots are right....(sarcasm off).
The bill has some awful things, but I love how people say it’s not the Republican congresses fault for putting this in the bill and then passing it. Some how it’s all President Trump’s fault?
Many people can’t seem to differentiate rate between facts and fiction. They like to feel like a victim and pissed off. So now they sit back and wish Hillary Clinton was elected? After all she was so strong, so smart so amazing!.....NOT!!!
It seems to me no one is appreciative for all the crap President Trump has gone through. The guy is a Billionaire, had life set, but he stuck his neck out for us, risk ruining all his businesses his built for decades, the Trump name to save our Republic and doing the job for free! He even paid for his own campaign!
The Globalists have been tying President Trump’s hands down with all the fake stolen election and Russian crap. President Trump has had his hands tied down, nominees tied up and no honeymoon period like every other President enjoyed. He’s been trying to save our economy when Hillary and the Globalists wanted to implode it. No it’s all President Trump’s fault and the nameless Democrat/Republican congress are getting points for attacking President Trump saying he failed and they won with a big bankruptcy plan.
The above was simply point out that I am tired of the bitching and moaning by some conservatives that lack the ability to think more than 1 or 2 steps ahead. I have absolute 100% faith in President Trump. My gut tells me (it is never wrong) to trust President Trump on this move. President Trump clearly knows more than the rest of us. There are more angles in this than what we see on the Kabuki theater in the media (aka the FAKE STREAM NEWS).
All your husband is listening to a bunch of irrelevant people. Many of those people have doubted President Trump and ended up with egg all over their face. We are all looking for instant gratification, but it does not work that way in Washington DC. It moves slow by design. Moreover, you can tell A LOT of the character of a man by who are his enemies. Furthermore, I judge a man by the fruit he produces and not the daily theatrics on TV and radio.
President Trump has produced about 80% of what he campaigned on in the first 15 months of his Presidency. That’s more than President Reagan in 8 years. Anything that he has done through the Executive branch has been good. I am going to trust President Trump on this. Let’s give it some time and see what fruit it produces before we just attack him.
This not directed at you Lady Jane, but some Freepers are killing me. I am wondering if they are DNC trolls?